We are a squadron of pilots who fly in WarBirds, an Internet-based air combat simulation. It offers intense, addictive fun.

iEN's WarBirds Page explains how you can get up and running in the game to re-enact the acts of daring of the WWII pilots.

But WarBirds is a game, and the Dweebs focus on having fun. The more we do, the more we are able to appreciate acts of astounding Dweebishness, both mock and historic . Read on and you'll see what we mean.

Our current state of operational readiness is shaky, as our ranks have been thinned by apathy, but we regularly take part in the S3 Series of historical re-enactments .  The release of WarBirds III should bring some of the old timers back into Active service as well as fill our ranks with new Dweeb blood.

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So, are you dweeb enough to be a Dweeb?  Are you man (or other gender) enough to wear the Beanie of Doom?  Email Dweeb Command!

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